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Proofing Technologies


5400 Newport Dr., Unit 14
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008


(847) 222-7100


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Ron Edhlund, Pres.

Company Description:

Proofing Technologies, Ltd. Manufactures films for use in making Packaging Prototypes. These films are the actual films and label stock used in packaging and are especially prepared for printing with EcoSolv and UV printers. Each of the films are mounted to a temporary support, making them easy to handle. The films are coated with an inkjet-receptive coating which provides sharp printing, fast drying and good adhesion. The films are approved for use and endorsed by Epson, Mimaki and Roland for use with their EcoSolv printers. Nine different films are offered: 1mil clear Polypropylene, 2mil clear Polypropylene, 2mil white Polypropylene, 1.5mil Low Density Polyethylene, 2mil Metallized Polypropylene, 2mil high shrink Shrink Sleeve Film, 2mil clear Polypropylene Label, 2mil white Polypropylene label, 2mil silver Metallic Label. For more information, contact:,

Sustainable Capabilities:

We use PLA films wherever possible in our JetComp Packaging Prototype System.

Products Designed:

  • Flexible
  • Foil
  • Labels

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