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Company Information:


Dura Fibre


352 Sixth St.
Menasha, WI 54952


(920) 969-3600



Contact Personnel: 

Veana Carpenter, Acct. Mgr.; Lisa Ward, Acct. Mgr. Asst.; Karen Kromat, Acct. Mgr.

Company Description:

Dura-Fibre creates compelling value for our customers with custom laminated solutions. Specializing in laminating, die cutting and printing of paperboard and other substrates, our products include: heavy weight folding carton substrates, specialty packaging, totes, furniture backs, slip sheets, tier sheets, pallet pads and top caps.

Sustainable Capabilities:

Dura-Fibre has been active in the use of recycled paperboard for over half a century. By combining recycled paper with virgin materials we create a wide range of useful and unique products used daily in industrial and consumer applications. Our commitment to waste reduction in all aspects of our business is a top priority. Beyond the reduction of production-generated scrap, the recycling of packaging supplies and the use of energy-efficient lighting are just a few of our areas of focus.

Products Designed:

  • Paperboard

Brand Packaging